Spiritual warriors

Prior to embarking on my spiritual journey I had this perception of what ‘spirituality’ was. As I look back at that perception, much has changed. My perception of spirituality was more so rooted in  ‘new age’ type philosophy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the new age movement as I nor Ra believe in rights or wrongs; however, much of the information is a bit one sided. ‘Love and light’ everything type deal. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much so a being more so composed of the light however I do acknowledge that light simply reflects darkness and darkness absorbs light. Both are merely ends of a spectrum and both are necessary.


As Ra and myself embarked on our journey together, a series of unexplained events ensued. We soon realized that we were under attack, not just physically but spiritually as well. Much of this is why we haven’t updated you guys with whats up with us, so much has happened. Ra has been a warrior much of his life so these attacks are nothing new for him. For those of you who keep up with his youtube channel, you are also well aware of this. It seems that when I came into the picture everything was amplified to the point where external communication had to cease. As I’m writing this I realize how crazy it sounds. Honestly, it sounds like something straight out of a movie. I still have a hard time believing all this and I’m in it experiencing it! I still look at myself like I’m just a regular person, why am I experiencing these things?

flower of life

There are beings and people who have maintained a certain frequency on this planet for quite some time. This frequency or spell if you will has enslaved humanity for many moons. When spiritually advanced beings come together it activates the grid. The energy shifts the frequency of this planet allowing humanity to break the veils of the illusions placed upon their eyes. In short, individuals like us pose a threat to the powers at be. You know how they say if you don’t have any haters then you aren’t doing anything? It’s no different with spirituality. Think of any leader that has truly tried to wake humanity from their slumber I bet you they are most likely dead, incarcerated, or in hiding.


(I thought this was hilarious.)


All this new age stuff is cool but when it comes down to it, what are you really doing to shift humanity? Sure meditation and eating healthy makes you a better person but how is that helping the rest of the world? If you decide that you are going to become a public figure, you are essentially putting your life on the line. Many of these new age ‘gurus’ underlying agenda is to utilize your energy to further their own self serving purposes. I know this sounds gloom and doom but we have to exercise levels of discernment even within the groups of people who claim they are here to help humanity. I’m sharing this information because I considered myself to be part of a group who claimed to be for the betterment of humanity. I found out that they too were simply using the energy of those around them to get the things they wanted.

Ra and myself have essentially geared up for war. Although the original plan for our journey has deviated drastically, we are still on our paths. Personally, I really wanted to share more information about the current events so that you all can see how serious this stuff is. I have even more respect for Ra knowing that he has had to deal with this bs every day.


This journey is far from over and it has not been easy for Ra and myself either. We have fought, cried, hugged, made up but at the end of the day we know the divine love we share surpasses everything associated with what we experience in this matrix. We are going to try a bit better to keep you guys more updated but please understand that communication is extremely limited at this point; however, we aren’t going to let that stop us. This journey has been a true test of strength, a strength I had no idea even existed; but as they say, you have to be strong when you have no choice but to be.


Best wishes to all, stay tuned for our next video!


The subconscious mind

Urban issues ancient wisdom

What’s in that mysterious abyss housed in your mind? Have you any idea that there even exists such place? It’s not so much your fault, society just doesn’t place emphasis on the subconscious mind. Lest we not forget however,  this was purposely done. You may be wondering why. Well, much of our reality is created to engulf the subconscious for the preservation of this third dimensional matrix. The subconscious mind is easily programmable because many of us never use it. Just take a look at our everyday lives. Many of us have televisions which is no accident they call shows ‘programs,’ during the course of watching tv your brain is going to be slammed with all type of suggestible material. Society is essentially programming human beings into being robots. They tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to look, etc. They utilize colors, symbols, and numbers to say…

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From unemployed college grad to backpacker


Look at him, primal in nature, Leo at heart. He’s built for the rough tundra, going days, weeks even without modern amenities. You have to have heart for this, in short Leo’s are about that life. Ra has been on the spiritual path for quite awhile. His story is filled with determination, courage, and innovation to say the least. His story speaks volumes, I am humbled having had the opportunity to hear just a portion of it. I urge him to one day share his story with the world. We are quite different, yet similar in a lot of ways.

This journey however, is much different than anything I have ever experienced. You see, I come from a comfortable home financially. I never really had to hurt for anything. Being the youngest of my siblings, one could infer that I was spoiled. Although I was the youngest, I was the first to go to college. Going to college really wasn’t an option. I had to go. The only reason I even remotely wanted to go was so that I could continue with my athletic career. It was my true love up until I got to college and it started feeling more like a job so I decided to finally retire my Nikes. After that I went through the monotonous going to class routine then one day I finally asked myself: ‘why am I here?’ Something within me knew that I was supposed to be doing something different. There was a deep void within me that college simply wasn’t fulfilling. My grades began to suffer due to my lack of direction and shortly after I found myself on the brink of academic suspension. Everything seemed to had fallen apart and I was a wreck. I had no idea how I was going to tell my parents that I was getting ready to be kicked out of school because of poor grades. One day I mustered the strength and told them, of course their response was nothing short of chilling. ‘Wasting our money’ mixed in with some choice swear words was the sum of that convo.

But, I digress, college was deeply confusing. I had my own internal battle with trying to find my own path along with the pressure from my family to finish. Needless to say I made it.


Once I graduated, I thought I would quickly land a career in my field like a respectable college grad and begin my life. See, in western society, ‘life’ never really begins. The ‘system’ is set up to where you spend your pivotal years becoming a young adult, stuck in an institution…educational institution that is. They tell you once you graduate the fun is over…they weren’t lying either. The excitement of graduation was short lived as I was more so just ready to get it over with. I’d have to say the worst feeling in the world was having a college degree and having no clue what I was going to do next.

Shortly after graduation I found myself right back home living with my parents. It was degrading, torturous, and depressing. Nothing was falling through for me at that time. I would say leading up to graduation and a few months after, I put in at least 20 applications in my field. Only one of those companies contacted me back. Those are just the companies in my field. Once I saw that nothing was coming through, I started putting in apps at other places. I tried to land an entry level position, but to no avail, my attempts were futile.


I finally decided that the pressure of being home and not doing anything with my life was too much to bear so I uprooted myself to a family members home in another state. Shortly after, I landed a laboratory job. You could say it was in field; it was more like a job where a degree would be advised but they don’t want to compensate their employees for it so it wasn’t technically a ‘degreed position.’ Interestingly enough, everyone there had similar stories. No one wanted to hire them in their field so they settled. I too, was settling. Every morning I clocked in I thought to myself ‘what are you doing here?’ I knew something big was in store for me, I just didn’t know what.

Ra and myself had been acquainted for quite some time but for a period of time this year he was off the grid. Physically we weren’t in contact but spiritually I knew what was going on. One day everything shifted and he called me. At that point things started to look up for me. Shortly after I found out that the lab I was working at was closing. For others it seemed like the world was ending, for myself it felt like it was just beginning. Ra and I had spoke of some big projects we wanted to do together so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to move forward with my life. From college grad to backpacker, I have zero regrets.

A Breath of Fresh Cold Air

This experience continues to amaze me at how deeply humbling it is. Ra and I caught a late bus back south and ended up getting off around midnight. Due to our financial situation we decided to camp out for the night. Prior to getting off the bus the driver announced that the temperature outside was 57 degrees Fahrenheit. So we thought hey *shrugs* not so bad. We ended up having to walk a good ways to find a park where we could sleep. Although we were still in the downtown area, there seemed to be no places open. By then my hush puppies and fries had worn off and I was starting to get hungry. I know all the health food jukies are probably shunning us with disgust but please try to understand that our finances were low, we are vegetarians, and everything was closed. Luckily on the way we found a CVS that had a bathroom, I really had to tinkle, but as we walked in we were met with disgust. Looked at like two bums with bags trying to steal. I was so irritated, plus their bathroom was closed. There were some nearby bars that appeared to be open but weren’t. As we were walking up there was a guy sitting outside, not really paying attention so Ra walked right on in. The place turned out to be a club but no one was in it. I was hesitant to go in but I just couldn’t hold it any longer so I dropped my bag and quickly used the bathroom. Ra and I left completely unnoticed.

Then we began contemplating on food. Where should we go, how far would it be, how much would it be etc…my aching legs decided we best go back to CVS and get some snacks so we ended up getting some waters and snacks (as you can hear Ra munching on in the video). Luckily the park we wanted to set up at was nearby so we got there quickly. The spot we found was sort of high up on this inclined hill that flattened out towards the bottom. There were lights in the park so we were completely incognito, I was worried about getting out but Ra insisted we’d be fine. About an hour after taking the video we noticed we weren’t as warm and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Between the two of us we only had one blanket. The blanket did what it could but overall we were still cold. We both tossed and turned on laying on the ground for a while before finally accepting the fact that neither of us would be able to go to sleep. Ra was shivering at that point so I gave him one of my long sleeve shirts out of my bag. Luckily my coat was rather heavy, Ra’s jacket was more so like a fleece hoodie.

‘You know, when we were walking I wasn’t as cold…’ Ra began suggesting that we walk to another location where there were benches, we might have more luck going to sleep. I agreed and we set off again. At that point it was so cold, even the slightest breath turned into vapor. We walked as briskly as we could to the next location. The walk was intense as there were several inclined roads to climb. My knees ached something terrible! I am an ex athlete and I think my years of punishing my knees has finally caught up to me. I did the best I could keeping up but it was a struggle no doubt. Once we finally got to the park it didn’t have any lights, so we were peacefully tucked away from everything and there were benches. I plopped down on the cold bench, I swear it was the next best thing to a bed. Ra instructed me to lay on him while he covered me with the blanket, of course i declined. I wasn’t just going to let him freeze while I sleep in my warm cozy cocoon. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so I curled up on him and he laid on my shoulder. After realizing his head was still exposed to the elements, I tossed the blanket over his head. He said I was crazy because now I’d be letting in air and I wouldn’t be as warm. I said well i’d rather us both be somewhat warm than to be completely cold. We laid quietly, trying to find our happy place but it was hard. I think the time by then was approaching 3am. I was completely uncomfortable and I know Ra was too so I told him he should lay on me. He fought it of course but finally surrendered. I covered him with the blanket and propped my feet up on his backpack. I used my backpack for back support so I could sit at an angle against the arm rest. Soon Ra dozed off, I was glad that at least one of us could sleep. I was left to the midnight sounds of leaves falling, owls, fairies, and nature spirits. Shortly after I dozed off. When I woke back up it was only 3:35 a.m. I let out a deep sigh and let Ra continue to rest but he woke up shortly after.

At that point we decided it was too cold, without the aid of a fire so we set off to kill time at a 24 hour diner. We made it to the diner at about 4:15 a.m so we relaxed for a while, people watched, ate, laughed at each other. Even though we had just did it, we still couldn’t believe we had actually slept outside. Ra has slept outside before but this was a completely new experience for me. Before we got to the diner, we passed a few homeless people sleeping in various places. For the first time in my life I can truly say I can empathize with their situation even if it was just for a few hours. That experience has helped me to gain a fonder appreciation for the everyday things I take for granted. I felt like I was more connected to everything and everyone. I never consciously thought I looked down on homeless people but honestly, subconsciously I felt they were part of an entirely different reality. That’s not totally untrue, they do in fact live in a different reality. On the surface our situation may seem extreme or tragic to some, but for the first time in my life I can say I experienced peace. It is a serenity that cannot be grasped by merely reading my words. You have to life it. I wasn’t concerned with traffic, bills, my appearance etc. All my attachments and titles were released, everything was unimportant. My ego had no choice but to surrender to the will of spirit. Ra and myself were simply left with the core essence of who we are, at the end of the day that is all that truly matters.

Our current situation



As of now I’d say we have walked a good 17 miles. My legs are so sore it’s ridiculous. However, Ra is pretty used to the nomadic life so I think he’s okay for the most part. While I’m over here huffing and puffing he just keeps on trucking. I’ve had to ask him a few times to slow down, I don’t feel ashamed about it anymore. He knows he walks fast, thankfully he is very understanding and encouraging. I don’t think I could’ve done this on my own. As of now I’m dying for a meal and shower, the water doesn’t even have to be hot.

My car was Life!


This picture was taken about midway through our 9mile walk today. Still in good spirits, although Ra looked a bit serious. As of now my everything hurts and I am beyond exhausted, so please excuse my lackluster post. I do not expect this to be a hit. We are on a bus headed back south for now. Ra is sleeping and I’m starving. I can’t really sleep in a vehicle. It’s like I have to know what’s going on. Anywho, the last mile of our journey earlier was rough. I’m so glad to have not had to walk another inch. Ra really had to give me words of encouragement as I realized my days of being an in shape athlete were long gone. Many cars passed us by and the looks on faces were priceless. As I watched cars pass us by I began thinking about my car.

I had my first car when I was 16, you know the whole ‘you’re lame if you don’t drive to school’ thing. Yea, my high school was like that. Although I didn’t drive a Lexus or Benz like my peers, my car was everything. I had it through high school as well as college. Walking those 100 miles (joking it was really 9 but tell my legs that) for the first time in my life I realized how much I took having a car for granted. I may come back and add more but this is all I can muster for now…

Enter the Void


“Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty, and become wind.” -Guru Laghima

The above mentioned quote and image is from an episode of the Legend of Korra. This episode spoke so deeply to where many of us are on our spiritual journeys. Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique in their own way but there seems to be a phase of each journey where the initiate must release some form of attachment. Our attachments are what bind us to the third dimension. As we release these attachments, we shift closer to our souls essence. The soul is like a container for spirit, attachments act like weights pulling us away from the gates of our spirit essence. This is why so many of us feel stuck on our paths. We aren’t quite ready to step into the void, we find comfort in what we know. Sometimes in order to find spirit, we must get lost within ourselves. On this day Ra Imhotep El and myself (Cobra Lee) embark on our own personal journeys in our quest to return to who we are on a soul level. With backpack in tote, we have released much of what is no longer of service to us. We welcome you all to intimate details of our journey, and we would also like to wish you the best on yours.