Enter the Void


“Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty, and become wind.” -Guru Laghima

The above mentioned quote and image is from an episode of the Legend of Korra. This episode spoke so deeply to where many of us are on our spiritual journeys. Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique in their own way but there seems to be a phase of each journey where the initiate must release some form of attachment. Our attachments are what bind us to the third dimension. As we release these attachments, we shift closer to our souls essence. The soul is like a container for spirit, attachments act like weights pulling us away from the gates of our spirit essence. This is why so many of us feel stuck on our paths. We aren’t quite ready to step into the void, we find comfort in what we know. Sometimes in order to find spirit, we must get lost within ourselves. On this day Ra Imhotep El and myself (Cobra Lee) embark on our own personal journeys in our quest to return to who we are on a soul level. With backpack in tote, we have released much of what is no longer of service to us. We welcome you all to intimate details of our journey, and we would also like to wish you the best on yours.


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