My car was Life!


This picture was taken about midway through our 9mile walk today. Still in good spirits, although Ra looked a bit serious. As of now my everything hurts and I am beyond exhausted, so please excuse my lackluster post. I do not expect this to be a hit. We are on a bus headed back south for now. Ra is sleeping and I’m starving. I can’t really sleep in a vehicle. It’s like I have to know what’s going on. Anywho, the last mile of our journey earlier was rough. I’m so glad to have not had to walk another inch. Ra really had to give me words of encouragement as I realized my days of being an in shape athlete were long gone. Many cars passed us by and the looks on faces were priceless. As I watched cars pass us by I began thinking about my car.

I had my first car when I was 16, you know the whole ‘you’re lame if you don’t drive to school’ thing. Yea, my high school was like that. Although I didn’t drive a Lexus or Benz like my peers, my car was everything. I had it through high school as well as college. Walking those 100 miles (joking it was really 9 but tell my legs that) for the first time in my life I realized how much I took having a car for granted. I may come back and add more but this is all I can muster for now…


2 thoughts on “My car was Life!”

  1. Ya’ll look grrrreat! Lovin y’all spiritual gangsta looks, with the locs on…lol ….Love y’all much and I’m keeping’ up with y’all the whole way through 🙂


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