My farewell to this blog and to Ra (Part 2 El Paso)

If you all subscribe to Ra’s YouTube then you know a bit about what he ascribes to…as one of his loyal “followers” I thought I knew what his philosophy/foundation entailed. In short it was an interesting mixture of a few things:
Moorish Science
Sovereign movement
Government conspiracies

He sort of compiles all these ideas together into one major conspiracy against him and doesn’t differentiate anything.

For you to understand my experience with him you have to understand him from what I observed. He was a very secretive person and to ask him a question was like committing suicide. How do you begin to understand a person who’s mental thought process seems illogical yet they spazz on you for asking questions. It was a catch 22 situation. If I asked questions I would be looked at like I was an “agent” or working against him…how do you tell an illogically thinking person they’re not making sense…or for a lack of better words…that they’re crazy? He had to have been crazy to think I was an agent. He told me that I could’ve been compromised unbeknownst to me (brainwashed mind controlled), and he would tell me with such certainty that I actually started to believe it. What if I don’t really know my parents? What if I was an agent and didn’t know it? Like there may be some chip in my brain that’s waiting to be activated and will instruct me to take Ra out…how would I know? At one point we got in a huge argument and he told me I had lied about my identity. Completely floored I sent him all my information as proof. I should’ve known then that there was something wrong and that I should’ve kept my distance…or at least made sure that I was in a position to get out of the situation if I needed to. Things weren’t that bad at first and I had all the spiritual confirmation that he was my twin flame I felt I this was my destiny.

I will go more in depth with these later. This is just to give you guys a sort of baseline. I have to give you this background so you can sort of understand some things. I’m explaining to the best of my ability because even when HE explained it, it made no sense.

We set off on the next phase of our journey to Arizona. I was super excited because I had never been out west. It was going to be the most epic road trip of my life…or so I thought. He assured me that he would take care of us financially and I was still helping him with 13signsastrology doing dream interpretations. He also asked me to assist him with composing a new class for his students. So I was bringing in some income through him. Because Ra doesn’t have a license I had to do all the driving which at first wasn’t that bad. Before we left he told me that we had to be off the grid. I couldn’t tell anyone where we were because they could be compromised. So I had nearly completely alienated myself from my family and friends. Everyone thought I was still in Atlanta.

Once we got out of Atlanta there was a noticeable difference in him. It was almost like a cord hold him down there was broken. His demeanor, speech, everything was different. Almost like there was a spell on him in Atlanta. (I didn’t become a firm believer in spells until I witnessed the changes with Ra.) He wanted to get out of Atlanta because there was something about the Governor that had put a contract on him and his family and they had been stealing money from his estate. His grandfather or someone was born there and he felt they were entitled to some money or something.

We got all the way to Louisiana with no issues until he informed me that he couldn’t access some of his money and needed to get a loan from a family member. Traveling through Texas was interesting. The further you go the more the trees start to get fewer and farther between. Then you start to see oil rigs. It was my first time seeing desert and oil rigs. The land was flat so you could see clear across for miles and miles. Much different than where I’m from. You know you’ve gone a bit off the beaten path when you see signs that say next stop 80 miles. It was like something straight out of a movie. It was still exciting. On the nights I was too tired to drive we would camp out in the back of the car.

We found ourselves in a small city known as midland texas. It was weird because it was a small city in the middle of the desert. Everything we needed was there. Like Walmart, dollar tree etc. Did I mention that Ra and I were vegetarians? Yeah, traveling on that type of diet was beyond difficult. I would say had become more of starch-etarians than anything. Not a huge selection of vegetables at gas stations and fast food places. While we were there we were beyond broke. I somehow found a Platos closet and ended up selling some shoes and a Northface Vest. I really like that vest and the shoes but I was going with the flow of the universe and felt detaching from my earthly possessions would do us good. Plus being out west it would be hot right? (not exactly). So that got us a little bit of food and gas money. While he “worked” online I would have to wait in the car or find somewhere to kill time. Finally we got squared away and set off for the next stop which was El Paso.

As we approached El Paso it was literally like we weren’t in the U.S. anymore, it all felt like Mexico. You can literally see Mexico from El Paso. My phone apparently thought I was in Mexico and sent me a message saying “welcome abroad.” I almost freaked out because I was on my parents phone plan (still am lol) and I knew that if my dad saw the international charges he would be like wtf and I’d have to explain the situation. But I knew at some point I would have to explain where I was. It was just a matter of how and when. So we got settled in El Paso, once again funds were nearly exhausted so I ended up selling my laptop for a few bucks. I was unable to help Ra with the online stuff unless I did things from my phone which he didn’t like because he did want apple contracting into his business. He found a 24/hr dunkin dounut location to work out of which was like heaven so that we could chill somewhere other than the car late night.

I loved the heavy Mexican environment. I felt at home oddly enough. There was a supermarket there and like their deli/fresh food was burritos, tacos and nachos vs subs and salads. My inner fat child thoroughly enjoyed it…every bit. Ra decided that El Paso was where he wanted to be. He thought it would be a good place to settle down. I still wanted to go to Arizona. So I broke down and told him I needed to tell my parents where I was. His thing was “you’re grown, why do you need to tell them anything…” Which was true but I don’t roll like that. Something could’ve happened to me and no one would’ve known anything. So I broke down and told my dad I was going to Arizona. I smoothed things over with him with “white” lies…I felt so bad.

One day Ra and I went out to the Mall to get some food and while we were there, there were several military personnel there in full uniform. Must have been something important going on. I figured there was a military base there and they had something going on and expressed that to Ra. Oh no, not to him. They were SENT there to spy on him and they found us through my device (as he would refer to it). I’m thinking okay you’re clearly totally off your shit wtf are you talking about?! Once we get back in the car he starts spazzing on me. Whenever he would get like that his eyes would be huge and bloodshot, eye lids peeled back, yelling and foaming at the mouth. It scared me. He took my phone which was in like a wallet case and slammed it on the ground accusing me of being an agent. At this point I’m questioning what the hell I got myself into. He starts demanding that I take him back to Atlanta. I told him to find his own way back I wasn’t driving all the way back to Atlanta and we had only been there a couple weeks.

I’m realizing I’m broke, he’s broke. This was a major mistake. Maybe being back in Atlanta, closer to my family was a better decision. He apologized to me for flipping out on me and we left El Paso maybe a day or so later. On the way back, as we were driving through the desert it was a clear night. I loved the nights in the desert because you could see the sky much clearer, for miles and miles it seemed like. For the first time, or from what I can remember, I saw a comet streak across the sky. I felt like a kid again. Although I felt like there were some serious issues going on, I thought this was a sign I was supposed to be with him…


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